Women's Huffer

Established 1997, Huffer melds fashion and function like no other. Huffer does not make garments that aren’t comfortable, aren’t useful, and don’t provide the right function. Born in New Zealand, the brand brings skate-style streetwear with nonchalant T-shirts with casual prints and branding, and equally brings necessary winter outerwear inspired by the surroundings of New Zealand. From humble starts, Huffer is now globally known for its good-looking functionality, and at General Pants we are totally behind the brand’s philosophy. We stock a great range of long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts, windbreaker and puffer jackets, shorts, and accessories that are inspired by innovation, style, and practicality – all of which create a brand image that is highly desirable to lovers of streetwear that doesn’t just look great, but feels great.

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