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Dr Martens


Women's Dr Martens

Famed for its indestructible Goodyear welted boot with air cushioned outsole, Dr Martens is a cultural icon in itself. The shoemaker, founded in 1960s England after its prototypes were established in Germany in the preceding decade, is renowned for its ubiquitous nature, found amongst subculture throughout the world, moving deep beyond its roots on Western Europe. Dr Martens boots have been a constant in worldwide movements within Punk, soccer hooliganism, Skinhead culture, and an endless list of movements that have impacted culture thereafter, often focussed on music: New Wave, Grunge, Britpop, and the list goes on. The brand’s shoes never have looked out of place on the factory floor or on the feet of office worker, offering authority to the convenient design and sturdy nature of Dr Martens shoes and boots.

Our range of Dr Martens shoes is not limited to the original 1460 boot, offering Chelsea boots, low-profile shoes, suede uppers, and Mary Jane straps to name a few. Our collection operates across womenswear and menswear, using a range of finishes from oxblood, to statement patent whites, traditional black, and brown suedes.

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