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Men's The Critical Slide Society

South Wales, Australia, in 2009. Established by surfers and artists, Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes, the intention from the very beginning was to create something that observes the surf culture and pays attention to those within the community that deserve a platform. Working with filmmakers and photographers, they embrace surf culture for all that is good, denouncing negativity and embracing those deeply engage is surf life. The Critical Slide Society works with designers who take great pride is making high quality pieces with a special focus on detail. The Critical Slide Society boardshorts are renowned for high quality and for being just right for those within the surf community. Of course, that does not make the brand exclusive to any groups of communities, as many are known to enjoy the focus on good design that the brand brings to the fore. Our selection of The Critical Slide Society boardshorts embrace quality and style, and as well as boardies we stock a number of accessories, T-shirts and singlets by the brand with big love for the artistic side of life.

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